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"Tylmen is a 3rd party verification for size and fit"

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Satisfied shoppers & reduced returns 

Customers now have peace of mind when they shop with you, knowing their exact size and fit using Tylmen's sizing technology.


  • 20 unique, and accurate body measurements, from a self-recorded video 
  • We take personalized measurements and pair them with the best fitting clothes from brands
  • No more sizing guides or guessing, shoppers get exactly what they're looking for 


Track and achieve greater cost savings

In 2020, retail returns for apparel reached 42%. Our sizing technology is the solution to your high return rates. 

  • Reduce return rates by more than 50%
  • Set goals for cost savings and boost sales with new customer acquisition 
  • Understand your customers with sceince

Easy integration 

No clunky or rigorous steps to integrate. After you provide us with some information we'll customize a cost savings plan for you. 


  • Get set up for success with dedicated account manager 
  • Start saving and increasing revenue 

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The Tylmen Advantage

  • Only 9% of shoppers use sizing charts. They're tricky. Tylmen is simple.
  • Returns cost $1.15 per mile traveled. Commercial trucks drive 120k miles and emit 223 tons of C02 every year. Achieve sustainability.  
  • 70% of adult shoppers are willing and likely to use a size calculator to determine their size when shopping. Tylmen is a size calculator and matchmaker. 
  • Retailers lose an average of 60% of the original sales price on returns. 

It's a win-win for brands and shoppers. 

Save money, increase your customer base, and be more sustainable. 

Virtual sizing is the best practice when shopping online. 

No more losing money to sizing issues, the #1 driver for returns.