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Combating Climate Change With Your Help -  One Tie At a Time

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Plant 1,000,000 trees with us!

by earth day 2021 (April 22, 2021)!


All across the world, humans are decimating our forests. We have cut 46% of all trees on Earth! Climate change poses a glaring existential crisis. If we do not act quickly, we will irreparably damage our planet. At Tylmen, we care deeply about our planet and the future of our world. That is why for every product purchased: We plant one tree to help with reforestation efforts. There is significant power in reforestation as a means of reducing carbon emissions. In fact: reforestation can reduce man made emissions by 66%.

Shop with us and combat climate change. #BuyPlantShare

Where we plant

Kenya, East Africa

A place once dominated by trees now leaves communities in distraught. Nearly 200,000 people depend on Kenya's natural forestation for water, wood, and agriculture. Increasing pressure for land poses significant threats to the bucolic habitat. Planting trees here will help protect this vital ecosystem, promote environmental education, and foster sustainable livelihoods. 

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